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Cindy Baron

Award-Winning American Painter

Solo Flight


12 x 24


Closing Memory
Oil 20 x 20

Watercolor 17 x 12

Clearing Skies

12 x 16



Cindy's paintings reflect the beauty found in nature if you take the time to study the colors around you. She can capture beauty in a blustering storm or the tranquil air of everyday places. Her portraitures relay a story of human life as though they were family or friends. She has a versatility in her subjects that keeps her energized with a passion to create.

She says it is impossible to paint a landscape unless she has personally experienced the scene, to study, to take in the atmosphere and commit to memory what she wants to portray on paper. Her camera, sketch book and easel are her tools when on location.

She has also been fortunate to have traveled extensively and has spent a great deal of time on the east coast, where the Maine landscape is an etched
road map in her mind.

Cindy Baron Biography

Born in South Bend, Indiana, Cindy now lives in Greenwich, RI where she conducts workshops and gives private lessons in both watercolor and oils. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and a new member of the Salamagundi Club in New York.

Developing an interest in art in her early childhood, her artistic background in drawing led her to watercolors and eventually to oils. She has found that one medium has helped her to grow in the other and vice versa. One of the most asked questions she receives is, "when working on a painting, how do you choose what medium you want to use?" The answer is "nature chooses it for me. I'm blessed to see landscapes in two mediums. When on location I can feel the movement a watercolor can give with its easy flowing and entwining colors, like a foggy morning, or a crashing wave and yet some scenes call for the intensity, depth and lust that only an oil can give. Some would say to concentrate on just one medium but I believe if you are passionate about what you do, express it in the best way you can, you can grow so much if you look at the world through many eyes." Cindy gives credit to an art teacher who took an interest in both her and her brother. She never has forgotten what he so often said to her, "there's no such word as can't." One of her early interests was portraiture, which she still loves today and when an interesting subject is found she does not hesitate to introduce herself and begin work. She uses her studies for the classes she teaches.

• American Watercolor Society, Signature Member
• Oil Painters of America, Signature Member
• Rockport Art Association
• Mystic Maritime Museum
• The Museum of Wildlife, Jackson, Wyoming

Cindy Baron ~ Selected Awards & Exhibitions

Oil Painters of America, National, Legacy Gallery
Salon International, Greenhouse Gallery

Salon International, Greenhouse Gallery
Oil Painters of America, Regional Show
American Watercolor Society, Travel Show
Save The Bay, Rhode Island

Salon International, Greenhouse Gallery
Greenwich Workshop Gallery
Horizon Fine Art, Jackson, Wyoming
Small Works North America, Greenwich Workshop, Top 40
Save The Bay, Rhode Island

Small Works North America, Greenwich Workshop, Top 40
American Watercolor Society, Travel Show 1 year award

Arts for the Parks, Top 100 Judges Award for "Last Light"
The Journey Home Gallery, solo show
Save The Bay, Rhode Island

The Journey Home Gallery, 2 solo shows
Save The Bay, Rhode Island

Fairfax Fine Arts, Virginia, solo show
Visual Arts Alliance, Olean, New York

Allentown Art Festival, Best of Show
American Watercolor Society, Signature Member
Visual Arts Alliance, Olean, New York
Leeper Park Art Fair

American Watercolor Society, Travel Show, 1 year Award
Leeper Park Art Fair

American Watercolor Society
Leeper Park Art Fair

American Watercolor Society
Leeper Park Art Fair

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