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“By intricate use of colors and details, I want to capture the alphabet of flowers with their delicacy, spirit and life force.”

Chieh-Nie Cherng lives in New Jersey with her family and enjoys working in her own flower garden which she uses for reference material. While she works from photographs, she is most inspired to work from real flowers. Combining her love of detail with oriental traditions, Chieh-Nie has developed a unique and recognizable style all her own. She uses “Sumi” rice paper on a board with gold edges creating “Sumi watercolor” paintings.

Chieh-Nie was born in 1952 and raised in southern Taiwan. In 1981 she moved to the United States with her husband. As a child she loved to draw. She knew at the age of six she wanted to be an artist. Her mother had a strong artistic influence on Chieh-Nie. She did Chinese flower arranging and sculpted Bonsai plants.

In junior high she began to learn traditional ancient Chinese brushwork. She graduated from the National Taiwan Academy of Fine Arts in Taipei, Taiwan and received her bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Montclair State College of New Jersey. She was recognized immediately by her professors as an accomplished painter. The famous Chinese artist, Yu-Shuan Shao, was a major influence and mentored Chieh-Nie for three additional years of continued study.

As a water color artist Chieh-Nie has been invited to display her painting in galleries and museums. This includes MacCulloch Hall Historical Museum and The Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey. Her work is in numerous private and corporate art collections, including a number of paintings at US Steel Corporation. She has won over a hundred awards in her twenty year career as a watercolor artist.

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