Duck Stamps

The 2000 - 2001 Federal Duck Stamp Print

The 1997 First of Nation Ireland Duck Stamp Print

Initiated in 1934, the Federal Duck Stamp Program has played a critical role in American history. The program has raised over $500 million, and the contributions the program has made ate staggering. Approximately 4.4 million acres of American wetlands have been preserved, and the Federal Duck Program has paid for all, or contributed to, the United States' over 500 national wildlife refuges.

The Federal Duck Stamp program promotes more than healthy wildlife populations and habitat. In addition to hunters, birdwatchers and other outdoor enthusiasts benefiting from plentiful wildlife and nature areas, the US Fish and Wildlife Services cites notable contributions to the general populace. The protected wetlands serve to dissipate storms, purify water, store flood water and nourish fish hatchlings. As historians look back, the Federal Duck Stamp Program will certainly be cited as the finest conservation effort of the 20th Century.


The 1999-2000 Federal Duck Stamp Print

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