Abigail McBride

American Impressionist Painter

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Twilight Trees
Oil 24 x 36



20 x 16


Winner: Small Gem Award
2013 Best of the Chesapeake Show

Canal House Roses


8 x 6


What is a Painter's Painting ?

"Veiled Light"
The veil is a painting that is born of a love of seeing through things. It is personal as a reflection of that time before I was married and had an obsession with the veil as an iconic symbol of the bride. It is technical as an exploration and enjoyment of the secret lines of composition. We think in shapes like triangles to compose the patterns in a painting. The veil is revealing those secret lines and simultaneously acting as the main subject. I think a painter’s painting is what happens when the emotional love of a subject or a moment is expressed with all of the artist’s pure language. It is a personal painting using technical mastery. Abigail McBride

Eliza's Hat
Oil 10 x 8


An American Farmer
Oil 12 x 16


Oil 12 x 9

Autumn Bouquet

Oil 16 x 12

Oil 12 x 9

Abigail McBride paints in the American Impressionist tradition of plein air landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. Her paintings focus on the color and light
of late afternoon and early evening sunsets. She works with both a brush and
a palette knife. The February 2000 issue of American Artist Magazine featured
a number of Abigail’s oil paintings. She was interviewed on her palette knife techniques. American Artist Magazine featured her paintings again in the April
2008 issue following a successful solo show at McBride Gallery. Abigail is included in the historic book by Gary Pendleton “100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic” published in 2014.

Painting on location at Cape Cod

Mother and Child
Oil 7 x 5

Art and Music
Oil 24 x 36

Veiled Light
Oil 8 x 10

He Loves Me
Oil 12 x 9
Safety First
Oil 11 x 14

Swirls and Apples
Oil 24 x 18

Abigail McBride Biography

Driven by color and light, Abigail Faye McBride paints her plein air landscapes with the heart of a poet. The primary focus of her work is simple: to create a beautiful painting. She is in pursuit of the visual poetry found in a fleeting light effect. Inspired by what she sees, Abigail paints on location.

While a consummate Cape School colorist, the draftsmanship in her work is born of an academic interest in the portrait and figure. Her work blends traditional subject matter with modern design sensibilities. Abigail’s focus is observed color as it turns the form and the shifting effects of light orchestrated within a clear design idea.

McBride has developed a reputation as a dynamic teacher. She teaches selected painting workshops, college level classes and private lessons. She is passing on painting principles acquired from years of study with portrait painters Cedric and Joanette Egeli, figure sculptor Stephen Perkins and Cape Cod School Impressionist John Ebersberger.

An interview with Abigail McBride.

Sink Bath
Oil 8 x 10

Toy Showers
Oil 12 x 16
The Green Chaise
Oil 24 x 30

Harbor Morning Swim
Oil 12 x 16

A Slight Breeze
Oil 18 x 24

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