Victor Nizovtsev

Painter of Fables, Fantasy and the Theatrical

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On the Horizon
Giclee Available: VN91
Oil 26 x 34

Breakfast with Grandma
VN75 Giclee Available
Oil 40 x 30

Harvest Moon
Sold Oil 44" x 22"
In this painting...

Once I saw a little boy listening to a story his Grandpa read him.  It was many years ago, but the eyes of that child are still with me.  While both he and his grandpa were physically with me in the room, their imagination was so far away there was no way I could reach it.  Together they were flying to places and times that only they know.  This made me a little bit jealous. 

It is not very often that we use our imagination to travel so carefree..... especially in the middle of our day to day routine.  This creature called imagination visits children daily but rarely comes to see us as adults.  Children are so open to possess the whole world as it is. 


Golden Dreams
VN82 Giclee Available
Oil 48 x 32

Midnight Journey
VN57 Giclee Available
Oil 28 x 38

Victor Nizovtsev Artist Statement

I try to give something for the heart, for the soul and for the eyes.

I hope my paintings will give people a small taste of their childhood and will inspire their own stories -- stories that may or may not be the same as mine.  Like childhood itself, the world of my paintings doesn't have strict rules -- reality can be bent and real characters can interact with imaginary ones.  It is truly a world were anything is possible and everything is intriguing. 

You can see glimpses of reality in my work but these only make sense if you look at them with eyes of a child.  We adults envy children's ability to suspend belief and see the world without preconceived notions. I hope my paintings provide a small entry into that childhood world.

Master Procrastinator
$12,500 Sold Oil 22 x 34

Giclee Prints available - VN87

In this painting....

Childhood is a time of great discovery.  It is a time when every morning brings new knowledge about the world and you can't wait to get up and explore.  Most of the people I grew up with were of humble origin, working in fields and on farms.  You can see this in my paintings.  The stories and faces of these people, ones with big hearts, calloused hands and smiley eyes, live in my imagination and provide me with endless inspiration. 


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