Linda Roberts

Linda Roberts is a Maryland artist, nationally known for her watercolors of skiing, the seashore and florals, as well as paintings of her travels all over the world. She graduated from the University of Maryland and has been painting all her life. Over 100 of her watercolors have been published into limited edition prints. Linda has been commissioned to create watercolors for SKI Magazine, the U.S. Ski Team, the Marriott Corp, The National Art Museum of Sport and the Annapolis Chamber of Commerce. Her paintings are in numerous private and corporate collections nationwide.

"Seaside Serenade"

Watercolor 21" x 26"


Watercolor 27" x 21"

"Exotic Beauties"

Watercolor 20" x 26"


Watercolor 20 x 27.5"

"Naples Sunset Pier"

Watercolor 10" x 13.5"

"Catching the Wind"

Watercolor 15.5" x 21.5"

"Flower Power"

Watercolor 12" x 18.75"

"Villa Toscano"

Watercolor 9.75" x 13.75"

"Get Away"

Watercolor 14" x 15.5"


Watercolor 8" x 8"


Watercolor 17" x 29.5"

"Prague on the Charles River"

Watercolor 19" x 29"

"For the skier or nature lover, a day outdoors or on the mountain can be a peak experience few others can equal. The tranquillity and oneness with nature are some of life's most treasured times. My hope is that my paintings inspire memories of those diamond days and encourage dreams and visions of those to come! Painting is a time of great relaxation and fulfillment for me. I am continually intrigued and excited by that piece of stark white paper, knowing I can transform it into an image of my choosing. The evolvement of the idea from my experience and imagination is a fulfilling experience. the knowledge that others appreciate or enjoy my results merely complements the achievement. I love to paint! It makes me very happy!" Linda Roberts

"Only Orchids"
Watercolor 8" x 12"

"Gifts from the Sea"
Watercolor 6.75" x 10"

Linda Roberts is a skier as well as an artist and the breathtaking watercolors she has become well known for are depictions of the splendor, rhythm and grace of the skier and their winter wonderland. The crisp scenes are colorful, lively, and compelling, but what gives them their character is certainly the artist's knowledge of the sport and of the Alpine terrain. Linda puts the viewer on the mountain, making him feel suspended above the scene, as though he too were moving on a chair lift, or better yet, on skis. One can almost hear the sudden swish of sprayed snow and feel the crisp, fresh mountain air.

In addition to ski and snowscapes, Linda's command of painting is also evident in her masterful portrayal of other majestic vistas encountered in her travels. The artist is greatly inspired by the beauty and serenity European harbor scenes and the gently rippling sand dunes of her favorite beaches. She is equally at ease painting a tranquil water scene, a crisp New England town, a bouquet of daisies, or a skier blasting through knee-deep powder above the timberline. Linda conveys these vivid impressions simply and freshly, in a way that has appealed to collectors for over 3o years.

McBride Gallery is pleased to represent this talented and versatile artist.

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