Scott B. Royston

"Dutch Old Master Still Life, Then and Now"
Show: March 25 - April 8, 2007

Professional Biography

Letter to Scott Royston Collectors

March 15, 2007

Dear Royston Collector:

Whether you already have a Scott Royston painting or hope to have one some day,this new show features some beautiful paintings that are simply a pleasure to behold.

Every painting is unique and special, beautiful detail and rich color.  There are only 16 oil paintings in the exhibit.  The Dutch Old Master style of painting still life and trompe l’oeil take a tremendous amount of time and skill to paint. Scott will often add trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) three-dimensional appearing elements to his paintings such as water droplets or small insects, to add more realism.

Just as the 17th century painters placed objects in their still lifes for symbolic, life and death meanings, a skull for transience of life, a butterfly for immortality, Scott Royston sets up each still life composition both for the beauty of the painting and the message he wants to convey to the viewer.

Galleries and collectors alike have recognized Scott Royston’s early abilities.  Scott was still studying at the Shuler School in Baltimore when he was encouraged by 2 collectors to visit the gallery. The rest is history.  This exhibit is his third solo show at McBride Gallery. The attached professional biography is impressive in what he has accomplished in that time.  He is an earnest, and dedicated painter.  In 1996 at age 22, he was the youngest artist we had ever accepted into the gallery!

We have some of the new show images on our web site now  - or you may visit the gallery on March 23 or 24 to get a preview before the show officially opens on Sunday, March 25th.  Scott would love to meet you, or see you again, at the reception on Sunday afternoon.  He will be in the gallery from 1 – 3 pm, but has been known to stay later….

This is the first show of the spring season - Come and Enjoy!

My Best,

Cynthia McBride

"Irises in Black"
Oil 36" x 12"

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Dutch Old Master Treatise

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