Autumn Celebration of Art ~ 2009

Welcome to a preview of some of the new paintings arriving for our largest show of the year!
Over 35 artists will present their newest work. Russian-American artist, Victor Nizovtsev is the featured artist this year.

Meet the Artists Sunday, October 25th, 1 - 4 pm ~ Exhibition: October 25 - November 15, 2009

Victor Nizovtsev is a masterful oil painter of theatrical figurative compositions, fables, landscapes, and still life.  
While his professional art training occurred in Russia, as an artist Victor is a student of rich and diverse experiences.  
Inspiration for Victor’s art comes from all he sees and touches:  Greek methodology, Russian folklore,
childhood impressions, great Masters of the past, even routine daily life.

Featured Artist ~ Victor Nizovtsev
Selection of show paintings below ~ Visit the Gallery to see the full Exhibition ~ Inquiries Welcome

New Nizovtsev Fine Art Editions

Victor Nizovtsev
Sleepytime Bubbles
30x40 Oil

From the Harlequin Series
52 x 32 Oil

Victor Nizovtsev
The Goldfish Family
26 x 40 Oil

Maggie Cao
Red Barns
Oil 11 x 14

Bruce Handford
Lower Main Street
Watercolor 30 x 22

Ray Heus
Layover at Charlotte Airport
Graphite, Watercolor & Chalk
Image 7 x 5 $475

Artists represented in this show for the first time are Baltimore painters Stewart White, Maggie Cao, Matt Klos and Williams, and Annapolis painter Michele Donovan and Rick Casali.

New Show paintings will continue to be added to this page over the next weeks

Will Williams
Regatta on the Charles
Oil 20 x 24

Carolyn Grosse
Cherry Blossoms in Silver
Watercolor 28 x 22

Joseph Iantorno
Tang Horse
Oil 30 x 36

Rick Casali
Stormy Seascape
Oil 12 x 36 $1,600

Michael Timothy Davis

Sherrill Cooper
Too Sweet to Last
Oil 12 x 9 Sold

Lauren Andreach
Farriers House
Oil 11 x 14

Paula Waterman
Greeting the Day
Oil 10 x 20

Eric Conklin
I Hate Snakes
Oil 60 x 32

Kathy Mack O'Day
Acrylic 5x6.5

Abigail McBride
Peach Tea
Oil 18 x 24

Erika Walsh
White Beauties
Watercolor 22 x 30

Matt Klos

* Indicates the Artist will be in attendance at the Reception
on Sunday, October 25, 1 - 4pm
*Meet the Artists

Sunday, October 25

2009 ~ Autumn

Celebration of Art

*Lauren Andreach
*Robert Barber
*Tim Bell
*Maggie Cao
*Rick Casali
*Eric L. Conklin
*Sherrill Cooper
*Michael Timothy Davis
*Michele Donovan
*Denise Dumont
*Carol Dyer
*John Ebersberger
*Lois Engberg
Louis Escobedo
*Michael Godfrey
*Carolyn Grosse’
Bruce Handford
Ed Hatch
*Ray Heus

Joseph Iantorno
*Matt Klos
*David Lawton
*Abigail McBride
*Lou Messa
*Terry Miller
*Victor Nizovtsev
Kathy Mack O'Day
*Jeremy Pearse

*Scott Royston
*Phyllis Saroff
Sandy Scott
*Jean Ranney Smith
*Yvonne Hartmann Smith
*Erika Walsh
Paula Waterman
*Stewart White
*Will Williams

Victor Nizovtsev Biography and Paintings

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