Art of the Figure

Exhibition: March 21 - April 4 ~ 2010

Meet the Artists ~ Sunday afternoon, March 21, 1 - 3pm

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~ Art of the Figure ~

For each work of art in this exhibit, whether sculpture, portrait, genre painting or a nude, the human figure is the primary inspiration and focus.

Figurative art includes some of the most memorable art through the centuries. Simply stating the title of the art brings the image to mind...Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Snap the Whip by Winslow Homer, David by Michelangelo, Whistler’s Mother by James McNeill Whistler, Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth.

Painting and sculpting the human figure poses the greatest challenge for an artist. Those artists who accept the challenge have studied for many years to master the complexity of the figure. Younger artists search for those skilled enough to teach them. Because we are human, we know what the human face and figure looks like, proportion and scale must be believable. Our eye tells us when it is not right. Our eye wants to make eye contact even with a painted or sculpted figure, looking to the face, searching if this is a face we ‘know.’

We are very fortunate in Annapolis to have a number of artists who attract students from across the country, coming to study with master figurative painters. The Egeli family are recognized at the national level for their portrait and figurative work. Cedric and Joanette Egeli and their extended family will be represented in this exhibit as will many of their students ~ over half of the artists in this exhibit have studied with the Egelis. They have had a profound influence on the Annapolis art community and beyond.

This is our first theme show with a focus on the human figure, a show I have wanted to present for a long time. It is a juried show and includes McBride Gallery artists as well as guest artists of national and regional reputation.

Come and enjoy the beauty of the Art of the Figure!

Cynthia McBride

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Cedric Egeli
Oil 24 x 20

Joanette Egeli
Ingrid's Boys
Oil 12 x 16

Figure Painting Demonstrations
at McBride Gallery

Saturday, March 20th

Abigail McBride ~ 1:00pm

John Ebersberger ~ 3:00 pm

Mark Lovett
Field of Gold
Oil 30 x 30

Michael Timothy Davis
Graphite 10 x 8

Maggie Cao
Busy Serving
Oil 9 x 12

Barbara Kiwak
Graphite 8 x 12 ~ $500

Abigail McBride
Toy Showers
Oil 12 x 16 ~ $1,600

John Ebersberger
Diaphanous Light
Oil 27 x 18 ~ $8,950

Sherrill Cooper
Escape into Blue
Oil 9 x 12 ~ $750

Meet the Artists: Sunday, March 21, 1 - 3pm

Artist Panel Discussion and Q and A

Cedric Egeli, John Ebersberger and Abigail McBride

Sunday, March 21, 2:00pm
Topic: What does it take for a figurative drawing, painting or sculpture to be great ?

See Page 2 for more show paintings, drawings and sculpture

Featured Artists

Gordon Allen
Robert Barber
Maggie Cao
Neilson Carlin
Rick Casali
Sherrill Cooper
Michael Timothy Davis
Michele Donovan
John Ebersberger

Anastasia Egeli
Arthur Egeli
Cedric Egeli
Joanette Egeli
Louis Escobedo
Gavin Gardner
Palden Hamilton
Jeanie Hendryx
Ray Heus

Hai-Ou Hou
Barbara Kiwak
Mark Lovett
Abigail McBride
Ingrid Egeli McGuckian
Stephen Perkins
Marjorie Perrin
James E. Seward
Andree Tullier

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