The Best of the Chesapeake

The Vision: To celebrate the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay of yesterday and today.
Exhibition: September 14 - October 5, 2014

The beauty of the Chesapeake Bay and environs have been captured by photographers and artists for years. From colonial sea battles to visiting historic square-riggers, steamboats, graceful skipjacks,
bugeyes and log canoes to its unique octagonal lighthouses, the Bay has much to offer the artist.

Life continues to thrive around this body of water, not just the human variety, also great blue heron, crabs, rockfish, and osprey make the water, marshes, inlets and islands their home.  Family farms and harbor villages, still tied economically
to the Bay, add a quaintness and historic character along the miles of sandy or marshy shorelines. 

Meet the Artists ~ Opening Reception ~ Sunday, September 14th, 1 - 4pm

Awards Presentation: 2:00pm Sunday, September 14
Awards will include: Best of Show, Small Gem, Artist's Choice, People' Choice and Merit Awards

~ Inquiries about artwork availablity are welcome ~ More images to be added in coming days~
Best of the Chesapeake Show paintings - Back to Page 1

Julia Rogers

"Evening Reflections"


Image Size: 24 x 38



David Lussier

"Bright Harbor"


Image Size
20 x 16



John Brandon Sills

"Nocturne Reflections"


Image Size:
16 x 12



Lisa Egeli

"Quintessentially August"


Image Size:
16 x 20


Bill Schmidt

"Carroll's Creek Toward the USNA Chapel"


Image Size:
24 x 12


John Payne

"Harvesting Oysters"


Image Size:
20 x 24


Stewart & Stephen Wegner

"The Swimmer"

Bronze, ed. 75

Size:14"H, 11"W, 9.5"D


Hiu Lai Chong



Image Size: 30 x 40


Kathleen Kotarba

"Scott's Marsh"


11 x 14


Tim Bell

"Maryland Pride"


Image Size
30 x 30

Gary Pendleton

"Diffused Light"


6 x 8


Lisa Mitchell

"Through the Garden Window"


18 x 24


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Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 5:30, Sunday 12:00 - 5:30, Thursday til 9:00pm