Annapolis: A Living History

Welcome to a preview of some of the new paintings arriving for our first show celebrating the history and beauty of the city of Annapolis. It seemed to be the perfect year as the city is celebrating the 300th Anniversary of its Royal Charter in 1708. July is also the month when the Annapolis galleries host their Red White and Blue shows and summer salon shows abound across the country.

* Indicates the Artist will be in attendance at the
Open House Reception
Saturday evening, July 12, 5 - 9pm
Exhibition: July 1 - July 31, 2008
Dress: Colonial attire optional

*John Ebersberger
"Charles Street"
Oil 14" x 11"

*Bruce Handford
"On the Circle"
Watercolor 18 x 24

*Caroline Taylor Sims
"Interior, St. Andrews"
Oil 30 x 24

Carolyn Grosse' Gawarecki
"Swifts on the Move"
Watercolor 10 x 14

David Lawton
"Three in a Row"
Pastel 14 x 18

Eric Forsberg
"Lady of the Seas"
Oil 12 x 16

Geraldine McKeown
"Pinkney Street Welcome"
Watercolor 10.5 x 7

Richard Harryman
"Winter Blues"
Oil 16.5 x 24

Neil Harpe
"Rooftop View"

Liberty Tree Exhibit and Q & A

A special exhibit of wood from the Maryland Liberty Tree that stood for over 400 years in Annapolis on St. John’s College campus will be on display at McBride Gallery.  Howard Buffington, representing a properly dressed colonist, will talk of the history and significance of the colonial Liberty Trees and share some stories about the Annapolis tree. He will speak and take questions for about 10 – 15 minutes at 6, 7 and 8:00pm.

A Brief History of the Maryland Liberty Tree and the Sons of Liberty

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