Marion Warren

“ I love portrait photography - it is my passion. My career as a photographer and an observer of people, places and images of time began more than fifty years ago. When I first made Mary`s picture in 1942 her image captured me. Her spirit envelopes me today. We are a couple who shares my life, her life and our lives.”

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Award winning photographer, Marion Warren came to Annapolis in 1947 after serving as a Navy photographer during World War II. He worked with Carlton Mitchell, an accomplished sailor, writer, and photographer. After the war, Mitchell convinced Marion to move to Annapolis to work on books about sailing.

During Marion Warren’s 60-plus years as a photographer, he has taken and developed tens of thousands of photographs, creating an important historical and aesthetic record for Annapolis, Baltimore, and the Chesapeake Bay. His photographs illustrate 10 books about Maryland and her waterways. Mr. Warren was employed as a documentary photographer by the state of Maryland, and many of his negatives now reside at the State Achives where they are being catalogued.

While Warren documented life around the Chesapeake Bay his wife Mary ran a photographic studio on Maryland Avenue selling what he produced. Using a large-format camera, Mr. Warren developed an eye for detail and composition, and a fondness for dramatic lighting. His clients were varied: Richard Neura, the eminent architect who designed Mellon Hall at St. John’s College, as well as the fledgling RTKL, now one of the world’s largest architectural and engineering firms. His photographs of Sutton Place in Baltimore, brought him to the attention of Forbes magazine, which sent him on assignments across the country.

Early in his career Marion worked as a portrait photographer learning the techniques of retouching images. “ I worked for more than twenty photographers in my career and combined their best methods into my own.” Influenced by Ansel Adams, Aubrey Bodine and Karsh, Marion then developed a personal style by incorporating these techniques as well as his own use of camera position and lighting.

Books published of Marion Warren’s photography include: Annapolis Adventure (1970), The Train’s Done Been and Gone (1976), Everybody Works But John Paul Jones: A Portrait of the U.S. Naval Academy, 1845-1915 (1981), Maryland Time Exposures, 1840-1940 (1984), Then Again: Annapolis, 1900-1965 (1990), Bringing Back the Bay (1994), Friends and Neighbors (1999)

McBride Gallery is pleased to present the work of this fine Maryland photographer.

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