Scott Woolever

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Scott travels extensively studying landscapes, outdoor sporting scenes, and portraiture on a commission basis for a backlog of patrons. His work takes him all over the country to become acquainted with his clients in their own settings. While specializing in landscapes and portraits, Scott does his research on site and completes his paintings back home in his studio.

Scott draws inspiration from the great schools of painting: The Hudson River painters, the French Barbizon School, Dutch Landscape and portrait traditions, and the American Impressionists.

Scott studied formally at Washington College, the Maryland Institute College of Art, and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; and received an M.F.A. graduate degree from the University of Delaware. He has taught art both college and university levels and has won many notable awards from prestigious organizations such as the Society of Animal Artists and the Academy of Natural Sciences. Scott's work is represented in the finest galleries, private Collections, and exhibitions in the country. His work has been commissioned by well known companies such as American Express, Franklin Mint Corporation, and JC Penny Corporation.

McBride Gallery is pleased to represent this talented artist.

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