Frank Nicolette

"The Pride of Baltimore"
Image Size
21" x 28"
Limited Edition Lithograph
Paper Size
26" x 36"
$200 unframed

prices subject to change

“The Pride of Baltimore”

These swift vessels emerged at the time of the American Revolution and played a decisive role in the War of 1812. Because of their swiftness, they could outdistance and outmaneuver most other vessels of their time.

Most famous was the Chasseur, launched by the Thomas Kemp shipyard on December 12, 1812. Chasseur captured 11 vessels on her first transatlantic voyage, under Capt. William Wade. On her second major voyage, in 1814 under Capt. Thomas Boyle, she conducted an audacious single-ship “blockade” of the entire English coast. She captured 14 merchant vessels and embarassed the British Admiralty. A third expedition brought additional success in the Caribbean as the war ended, and Chasseur returned to Baltimore in 1815 in triumph.

She was hailed as the “Pride of Baltimore.”

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