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2024 Show Schedule

Current Exhibition:

44 Years of Artistry: A Celebration of Creativity

Open House: June 13, 2 - 8pm
Exhibition: Thursday, June 13 - Sunday, August 10, 2024

This 44th Anniversary Show is not only a celebration of our enduring dedication to the arts, but also a tribute to the community of Annapolis and our loyal patrons. It stands as a testament to the gallery's unwavering commitment to showcase high quality art and its mission to provide support for both emerging and established artists.
The show will include selected works by our historic (deceased) artists as well as artists who recently joined the gallery. Artists include Lee Alban, John Ebersberger, Michael Godfrey, Sandy Scott, Paula Waterman, Bill Schmidt, Trish Wend, and more. 
On opening day, June 13th, there will be an open house from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Bill Schmidt
"Stanley Norman in the Inner Harbor" 
24 x 16, Oil

Carol Lee Thompson
"Spiritual Splendor"
16 x 18, Oil

Charlie Hunter
"Bacardi Building, Havana"
8 x 10, Oil

Christine Drewyer
"Enchanted Garden"
12 x 16, Oil

Chris Best
"Celebrating Today"
16 x 20, Oil

Cynthia Feustel
"Secret Keeper"
16 x 14, Oil

Jacalyn Beam
"Lets Go Riding
11 x 14, Oil

Jorge Alberto
"And All Tha Jazz"
29 x 21, Oil

Ken Karlic
"City Arcade"
24 x 24, Oil

Lee Alban
"A Quiet Day For the Town Sheriff"
18 x 24, Oil

Lois Engberg
"Head in the Clouds"
30 x 30, Oil

Lynn Mehta
"Bouquet in a Glass Vase"
12 x 12, Oil

Paula Waterman
"In the Shallows"
20 x 20, Oil

Rita Curtis
"Catching Seeds"
12 x 12, Oil

Terry Miller
15 x 15, Graphite

Trish Wend
"Lilacs in Full"
12 x 16, Oil

John Ebersberger
"Tang Dynasty Horse"
20 x 24, Oil


Sarah Wardell
"Hope for Tomorrow"
10 x 8, Oil


Everyday Moments II

Saturday, April 13 - Wednesday, June 5, 2024

McBride Gallery's newest show celebrates the beauty of the simple things in life—the seemingly mundane that shape our existence.

Our featured artists have captured the essence of these moments through a variety of mediums, elevating the ‘everyday’ to the realm of art. Come join us for an exhibition of inspiration and contemplation as we explore the beauty of "Everyday Moments."

Featured artists include:  Sherrill Cooper, Christine Drewyer, Howard Eberle, Cynthia Feustel, David Lawton, Abigail McBride, Lou Messa, Terry Miller, Barbara Nuss, Richard Sneary, Carol Lee Thompson, and more!


Terry Miller
"Longing for the Wind's Song"
11 x 23, Graphite

Sherrill Cooper
"Tuesday We Go Shopping" 
10 x 8, Oil

David Lawton
"Boatyard Blues"
12 x 16, Oil

Richard Sneary
"Road Work"
14 x 11, Watercolor

Cynthia Feustel
"The Traveler"
9 x 12, Oil

Sherrill Cooper
"The Right Decision"
8 x 10, Oil

Christine Drewyer
24 x 18, Oil

Barbara Nuss
"Branching Out"
10 x 20, Oil

Christine Drewyer
8 x 7, Oil

Carol Lee Thompson
"Sunlight Soybeans"
8 x 9, Oil

New in the New Year

February 14 - March 30, 2024

Featuring award-winning artist Kathy Daywalt!

Plus new art from many McBride Gallery artists including: Bruce Handford, David Diaz, Ken Karlic, Terry Miller, Maria Marino, Jacalyn Beam, John Ebersberger, Christopher Best, ceramics by Elizabeth Lescault, sculpture by Stewart & Steven Wegner, and more...

Kathy Daywalt
"The Golden Hour" 
18 x 24, Watercolor

John Ebersberger
"Bees Make Honey"
9 x 8, Oil

Liz Lescault,

Jacalyn Beam
"In the Mood"
8 x 8, Oil

David Diaz
"Five "
12 x 12, Oil

Ken Karlic
"Rockport "
16 x 20, Watercolor


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