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Pet Portraits
Description of the portrait process.

Phyllis Saroff's fine art portraits are executed in chalk pastel on pastel paper. We offer a portrait process which results in the highest quality animal portrait possible.

The portrait process includes the following steps:

Pet Portrait Process

The portrait artist will take several photographs of your animal.  Dogs are usually photographed at the home of the artist.  Horses and cats are photographed at their homes.  Additional photographs provided by the owner are sometimes helpful.
Photography sessions typically take one half hour.
Non-local customers may send photographs to the artist for review.  If the photographs are not suitable, additional photographs will be requested.
Hair Samples
Small hair samples are cut from your animal to provide a color reference for the artist while the portrait is rendered. Obtaining a hair sample may not be possible, if the animal is short haired, or if a posthumous portrait is being produced.

With horses, hair from the mane and tail is used for color accuracy. Special halters or bridles are also obtained, when they are available.

Sketch for Yellow
Labrador Retriever

Rough Sketch
A rough sketch of the animal is produced for approval of the portrait pose. The rough sketch can be transmitted to the client by FAX, uploaded for viewing on this web site, or a Xerox copy can be sent to the client by mail.

Once the client approves the rough sketch, the final portrait is rendered.

Rendering the Portrait
The final portrait is drawn with chalk pastel on a sheet of artist quality pastel paper, usually sized 17 by 22 inches. Different size portraits may be produced to accomodate larger or smaller animals, or for portraits with multiple faces.

The artist will select a background color which best suits the color of the animal(s) in the portrait.

Posthumous Portraits
Portraits of deceased animals are possible if existing potographs owned by the client are of suitable quality.

Photographs may be mailed to the artist's home for review. The photographs will be assessed to determine whether they are suitable for producing a posthumous portrait. The photographs will be returned if they are not suitable.

Delivering the Portrait
The final unframed portrait may be picked up from the portrait studio in Annapolis MD, or from a Rockville MD location.

Shipping arrangements can be made for clients outside the Washington D.C metropolitan area.  The portrait price includes shipping for non-local clients.

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