Joy Swan

For as long as she can remember, wildlife and the outdoors have been central to Joy Swan's life. Combined with an intense interest in art, she has developed a unique and recognizable style all her own. Her media include pen and ink, watercolor, pencil, gouache, and various combinations. Joy's designs are intentionally strengthened by using negative space to give more focus to the primary subject. Her style and designs have a freshness and simplicity associated with classic oriental watercolors.

In addition to exhibiting her paintings and hand colored lithographs in galleries and shows across the country, Joy has an extensive educational and professional background. She holds bachelors and masters degrees in art. She has worked as a graphic artist for such clients as Exxon and The Washington Post. Recently she illustrated the book, The Pleasures of Watching Birds, for Prentice-Hall, Inc. Joy has taught both art and photography and is an active member of many conservation organizations, to which she donates considerable time and work.

Demand for Joy's work puts her free time at a premium. Her interests include hiking and canoeing, and it is on these forays that she gathers inspiration and material for future paintings.

McBride Gallery is pleased to represent the unique works of Maryland artist, Joy Swan.

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