Gordon M. Allen

American Printmaker and Painter

Etchings offer me the opportunity to work in the studio at a slower, more studied pace, and to create images which can be reproduced in small editions and so shared with more people. My etchings are done on copper, and I carefully and meticulously print each one on German Etching paper with my own special blend of inks. I've been etching since 1983, and I find it a fascinating discipline about which there is always much to learn and enjoy.

Channel Surfing
Etching 6 x 8

Bugling Elk
Etching 7x 9.2

Dinner at Great Durnford
Etching 6 x 7

Newfoundland Fish Camp
Etching 6 x 9 edition of 150

Gordon M. Allen Biography

Gordon Allen grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His love of hunting and fishing is reflected in his beautiful etchings and oil paintings. Allen began his art career at age twenty when he illustrated his first book. In the next dozen years he went on to illustrate more than twenty books for New York publishers, most of them in the sporting genre. His work has also appeared in Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Atlantic Salmon Journal, Big Sky Journal, Fly Fisherman, Rod and Reel, Sports Afield, Field and Stream and Outdoor Life.

For the last ten or more years, Gordon has been busy with etching and painting and has done little illustrating. He divides his time between etching and painting and is devoted to painting from ‘life’ out of doors. Known at one of the finest printmakers of etchings of sporting scenes in America today, Allen is now establishing a similar quality reputation as a ‘plein air’ oil painter of landscapes, marine scenes, city views and ‘real life’ subjects.

His painting subjects range widely from the urban landscape of Savannah, GA, Maryland’s Eastern shore, to the salmon rivers of Alaska and maritime Canada where he has spent summers for the past several years. His paintings and etchings are now shown in major galleries across the country.

Gordon Allen is dedicated to conservation efforts providing work to raise funds for organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, The Ruffed Grouse Society, and The Atlantic Salmon Foundation.

Coming Home to Roost

Etching 6.2 x 7.4 edition of 100
Framed 14" x 15"


Etching 6" x 6.25" edition of 100
Framed 14" x 14"


Guide's Dinner

Etching 7" x 5.2" edition of 150
Framed 14.5" x 12.5"


Turkey Hunter

Etching 6.5" x 9" edition of 100
Framed 14" x 16.5"


Sold out Etching editions:
Brook Trout, Chalk Stream, Down the Miramachi, Dry Brook, Homeward, Long-billed Waders, Pintails, Retriever and Grouse, Salmon Camp, Trout Ponds

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