Michele del Pilar

Plein air Impressionist Painter

Twilight's Verdent Glow


24" x 49"


What is a Painter's Painting ?

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Sunwashed Zinnias


16 x 8


Tiny Bounty


6 x 6


Michele del Pilar in her Maryland Studio

Michele del Pilar (Donovan) Biography

Michele del Pilar is a plein air Impressionist painter from Maryland.

Michele’s life long dream was to be a painter. She holds a degree in graphic and advertising design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Her career began in the print and design world, followed by a short stint working as a dental hygienist until she decided to pursue her life-long dream of becoming an artist.

Immersing herself in study, she sought instruction from the areas best and most knowledgeable teachers. She took figure drawing and color study classes under the tutelage of master painters and sculptors. Intensive and unrivaled study under master portrait painters Cedric and Joanette Egeli and John Ebersberger were instrumental in building her skills. She was fortunate to get the opportunity to study figurative and constructive anatomy with brilliant sculptor Steve Perkins. She readily gives credit to these artist-instructors who have been so important in providing her with a solid foundation and broad knowledge which she draws upon for her work.

Michele delights in painting varied subject matter from outdoor and indoor still life compositions to portrait and figurative work as well as plein air landscapes. She is particularly drawn to dramatic patterns of light and shadow, colorful rhythms, and the interplay of the space between the subjects to express the beauty and drama of nature.

Michele has been juried into a number of exhibitions and shows. She was selected to exhibit in the June 2009 show: Rising Stars: 10 Artists to Watch at McBride Gallery. She has also exhibited her work in The Art of the Figure in March 2010 and the 30th Anniversary Show at McBride Gallery in June 2010.

Michele is a member of Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association and the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters.

McBride Gallery is pleased to represent the work of this talented Maryland artist.

The Quiet Corner
Oil 16x12

Summer Impatiens
Oil 20x16

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