Still Life with Life
Show Premise: This exhibit embraces the ‘life’ in still life paintings by artists working today. 

Exhibition: June 5 - June 26, 2011

Meet the Artists Reception: Sunday, June 5, 1 - 4pm
2:00 pm ~ Panel Discussion

Selection of show paintings below ~ Visit the Gallery to see the full Exhibition ~ Inquiries Welcome
Show Paintings will continue to be added to this page...

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John Ebersberger
Copper, Money and Mandarins
Oil 12x10 $2500

Joseph Iantorno
Peach and Friends
Oil 6.75 x 9 Sold

Abigail McBride
He Loves Me
Oil 12 x 9 $675

Yvonne Hartmann Smith
Pear Reflection
Oil 12x16 Sold

Neilson Carlin
Matter and Spirit
Oil 14x11 $2200

Yvonne Hartmann Smith
Pansy Bouquet
Oil 6x8 Sold

Jim Rodgers
Oranges, Grapes and Pottery
Oil 24x30 $6200

Judy Fox Fletcher
With a Cherry on Top
Oil 12x9 $365

Lois Engberg
Camillias and Tea
Oil 20x24 $3200

Scott Royston
Beach Daisies
Oil 13x8 $3500

Michael Molnar
Six Fifteen
Oil 20x16 $4750

Jim Rodgers
Le Petite Fleur
Oil 10x8 $1400

Nielson Carlin
Oil 12x21 $1800

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