Woman Artists of the West ~ 47th National Exhibition

Exhibition: November 4 - December 3, 2017

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~ Award Winners ~

Ribbons now adorn the winning paintings and sculpture as selected by
Nationally recognized Awards Juror, Lisa Egeli

Two awards will be announced on December 5th:
Artist's Choice and People's Choice

~ You are welcome to come vote ~

Awards ~ Woman Artists of the West ~ 47th National Exhibition
Best of Show: Laurel McGuire, "In the Spotlight," watercolor
Best of Master Signatures: Kim Shaklee, "Party Wave!," bronze
First Place, 2-D: Carlene Wallace, "Tiny Dancer," oil
First Place, 3-D: Kathryn Vinson, "Wild Honey," stone
Second Place, 2-D: Terri Wagner, "Hay and Sunshine," oil
Second Place, 3-D: Kathy Anderson, "Le Belle," bronze
Third Place, 2-D: Eileen Nistler, "The Family Jewels," colored pencil
Third Place, 3-D: Deanne McKeown, "Chorus Line," bronze
Eleanor B. Coble Award of Excellence: Sarah Kennedy, "Golden Glow," oil
President's Award: Dena Peterson, "The Chase," oil
Christine Drewyer Award of Distinction: Peggy Palm, "Bijoux," oil
Castillo Award of Excellence: Susan Matteson, "Snow Fog," oil
McBride Gallery Award of Excellence: Lori Pandy, "Eleanor," cast stone
Best Landscape: Barbara Nuss, "Miller's Pond," oil
Best Still Life: Kelli Folsom, "Brass and Blue," oil
Best Animal: Mary Lou Pape, "Homeland Security," oil
Award of Excellence: Kim Whitton, "Mama Nature," watercolor
Merit Award: Cynthia Feustel, "The Woodworker," oil
Merit Award: Ann Goble, "Cinnamon Beach," oil
American Art Collector: Cheryl Koen, "Over the Arroyo," oil
Art of the West: Heather Kaiser, "Aketcheta Warrior," bronze
Fine Art Connoisseur: Kelli Folsom, "Brass and Blue," oil
Fine Art Connoisseur: Robbie Fitzpatrick, "Gentle Persuasion," w/c
Fine Art Connoisseur: Grace Schlesier, "Playful Surf," oil
Southwest Art: Jan Delipsey, "Desert Cotton," oil
Artist's Choice: TBA on December 5
People's Choice: TBA on December 5

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Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 5:30, Sunday 12:00 - 5:30, Thursday til 9:00pm