Woman Artists of the West ~ 47th National Exhibition

Exhibition: November 4 - December 3, 2017

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~ Award Winners ~

Ribbons now adorn the winning paintings and sculpture as selected by
Nationally recognized Awards Juror, Lisa Egeli

Two awards will be announced on December 5th:
Artist's Choice and People's Choice -
See Awards now noted below

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Awards ~ Woman Artists of the West ~ 47th National Exhibition
Best of Show: Laurel McGuire, "In the Spotlight," watercolor
Best of Master Signatures: Kim Shaklee, "Party Wave!," bronze
First Place, 2-D: Carlene Wallace, "Tiny Dancer," oil
First Place, 3-D: Kathryn Vinson, "Wild Honey," stone
Second Place, 2-D: Terri Wagner, "Hay and Sunshine," oil
Second Place, 3-D: Kathy Anderson, "Le Belle," bronze
Third Place, 2-D: Eileen Nistler, "The Family Jewels," colored pencil
Third Place, 3-D: Deanne McKeown, "Chorus Line," bronze
Eleanor B. Coble Award of Excellence: Sarah Kennedy, "Golden Glow," oil
President's Award: Dena Peterson, "The Chase," oil
Christine Drewyer Award of Distinction: Peggy Palm, "Bijoux," oil
Castillo Award of Excellence: Susan Matteson, "Snow Fog," oil
McBride Gallery Award of Excellence: Lori Pandy, "Eleanor," cast stone
Best Landscape: Barbara Nuss, "Miller's Pond," oil
Best Still Life: Kelli Folsom, "Brass and Blue," oil
Best Animal: Mary Lou Pape, "Homeland Security," oil
Award of Excellence: Kim Whitton, "Mama Nature," watercolor
Merit Award: Cynthia Feustel, "The Woodworker," oil
Merit Award: Ann Goble, "Cinnamon Beach," oil
American Art Collector: Cheryl Koen, "Over the Arroyo," oil
Art of the West: Heather Kaiser, "Aketcheta Warrior," bronze
Fine Art Connoisseur: Kelli Folsom, "Brass and Blue," oil
Fine Art Connoisseur: Robbie Fitzpatrick, "Gentle Persuasion," w/c
Fine Art Connoisseur: Grace Schlesier, "Playful Surf," oil
Southwest Art: Jan Delipsey, "Desert Cotton," oil
Artist's Choice Award (Tie), Georgene McGonagle, "What's Up" bronze
Artist's Choice Award (Tie), Mejo Okon, "Choir Boys" oil
People's Choice Award, Victoria Castillo, "Dappled Light"

Awards are also noted with the artwork - see pages below, listed alphabetically by artist

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