Erika Walsh

Maryland watercolorist Erika Walsh is known for her minimalist, 'wet on wet' paintings. Born in Stuttgart, Germany, she began her art studies at the Stuttgart Art Academy (1951-1954) and later moved to the United States where she painted with Professor McLaughlin of Stephens College in Missouri (1962-1964). She continued studies at the University of Maryland, Munich Campus, in Germany (1972-1974), where she and her husband lived for many years, and also studied watercolor methods with Ika Bueger at Munich University (1973-1975). She now lives and paints in Maryland.

Erika’s favorite subjects are nature, florals, and landscapes. She says the world is wonderful and beautiful, providing a bounty of colorful and interesting subjects to paint.

Painting with Bravura show ~ April 12 - May 3, 2015

Purple Pansy

10.5 x 14



White House Tulips


x 0


Winter Field
Watercolor x

"Coral Hibiscus"
Watercolor Image 22" x 30"

Erika Walsh Biography

Erika’s watercolor technique blends the pigments with boldness of color, yet keeps them transparent enough to show the softness and fragility of a flower. She calls her paintings 'minimalist' because she prefers to let the viewer complete the work after she has portrayed the subject with the barest essentials of form, design, and color. Erika’s paintings have great artistic expression and exuberance, matching her personality and outlook on life.

Art critic Willy Wiedmann, in the publication, The Unpredictable in Watercolors, says "Erika Walsh possesses a fine sense of order which enables her to unify all parts of her paintings, background, middle and foreground. She creates paintings ... /that/ give the observer a view of her feelings for life, color and beauty. The possibility of application of hints of color in this ancient form of artistic expression is used to the fullest by this interesting, sensitive artist."

Erika Walsh has exhibited in major shows in Germany and the United States and is widely collected by both individuals and corporations. She recently had a one-woman show at the German Embassy and a two person show at McBride Gallery. She has won awards at numerous exhibitions, most recently at the Baltimore Watercolor Show.

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