Art Appraisals

Have you worried that your art needs to be insured but you don't know what value to insure it for?

We can provide a certified art appraisal for insurance or for donating your fine art to a charity you want to support. Or perhaps, you just want to know the value of your art for your peace of mind.

We can help. Call 410-267-7077.

You may bring your art to McBride Gallery at 215 Main Street in Annapolis or our certified appraiser can come to your home or office to begin the process.

Uses for Certified Appraisals

Insurance Coverage or Claims
Equitable Division of Property
Divorce Settlement
Estate Administration
Charitable Contributions
Estate Planning
Net Worth
Sales Advice or Purchase Advice
General Information

Fine Art is an asset that can appreciate in value depending on a variety of factors. An appraisal provides the basis for adjusting insurance coverage or for making decisions whether to dispose of or acquire a new painting or scupture.

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