Art Restoration and Preservation

Have you inherited a painting and wonder if it needs cleaning?

Or, perhaps it has a yellowed appearance and you can't tell if that is what the artist intended. We can help answer those questions.

All paintings need expert attention from time to time to help maintain them in good condition and preserve their value. It may require only a light cleaning and varnish. Of course, after years of storage in an attic, shed or basement most paintings may need more attention.

Oil Paintings

We offer complete restoration services for oil paintings including cleaning, lining and relining, as well as reparation and in-painting. Holes and tears can be repaired, canvas ripples can be remedied and flaking or loose pigment can be stablized.

Estimates are given at no charge.

Art on Paper including Antique Prints, Documents, Watercolors and Photographs

We offer deacidification, removal of adhesives, de-foxing treatment, repair of tears and separation from mounts. Estimates and treatment reports are chargeable, but are then deducted once treatment is accepted and completed.

All work is carried out by experts in their own field and advice is available on request.

Photo damaged in a fire ~ Restored

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