Frequently Asked Questions
About Portrait Commissions

1. How do I select the right artist?

We have portrait books at the gallery with photographed samples of each artist's work. Compare them side by side. Look for the artist whose style you respond to most positively. You can also go to our web site and see the different painting styles and mediums available.

2. Will the artist work from a photograph or from life?

This depends on the artist and the subject. Some work entirely from life; some work entirely from photographic reference. Many work from a combination of live sittings and photographic reference. Very young children and pets are most often done using a combination of brief sittings and photographs.

What mediums can I get a portrait done in?

We have artists who work in oil, pastel, charcoal, conte crayon and bronze sculpture.

How much does a portrait cost?

Pricing depends on the medium, artist and size chosen. Charcoal, conte and pastel are generally less than an oil painting. Most often portraits come in a choice of 3 sizes: Head and shoulders, 3/4 Length or Full Length.

3. What are the steps to commissioning a portrait?

The first step is to select your top one or two artists. Call or email the gallery to make arrangements to speak to or meet with the artist(s). At the initial meeting you will discuss choice of medium, the size of the portrait, the time it will take to complete the portrait and the payment schedule. The last step is to frame your portrait.

4. What makes a good portrait?

While artists may emphasize different things, most purchasers of a portrait primarily are looking for a "good likeness", or a portrait that looks like the person. Many competent portrait painters can accomplish this first goal. The next, most common goal is wanting the artist to capture the person's personality. Finally, a portrait is a work of art; both the artist and the subject want the same thing, a beautiful painting!

A List of our Portrait Artists

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Frequently Asked Questions About Portrait Commissions

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