2020 NOAPS "Best of America" ~ Small Works National Exhibition

Exhibition: April 5 - June 7, 2020

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~ The Award Winners ~

Awards Judge: Daniel Gerhartz

Best of Show ~ Nick Eisele

"Melancholia" 11 x 14 Oil $1,400

Second Place ~ Robert Simone

"Little Blue" 8 x 8 Oil $650

Third Place ~ Patrick Meehan

"Not Mellow Yellow" 10 x 8 Oil $800

Awards* ~ NOAPS ~ Best of America "Small Works" Exhibition

Best of Show: “Melancholia” by Nick Eisele, White Ribbon

Second Place: “Little Blue” by Robert Simone, Yellow Ribbon

Third Place: “Not Mellow Yellow” by Patrick Meehan, Yellow Ribbon

Purple Ribbons

Most Original: “Eagle Point Dusk” by Brian Sindler

Best Realism: “Stars and Stripes” by Jose Pardo

Best Painting by Signature/Master:
“After Hours at the Café Sperl Vienna” by Priya Ahlawat

Best Figurative: “Logan” by Adam Clague

Best Use of Values: “Impending” by Edward Duff

Best Landscape: “Railroad on the St. Mary River” by Alan Larkin

Best Still Life: “Duet in Green and White” by Linda Massey

Best Impressionism: “Foghorn” by Rick Delanty

Best Composition: “Intentional” by Trent Gudmundsen

Best Technique & Handling: “Basil was Her Soul Mate” by Debra Joyce Dawson

Best Narrative: “Nicole Unchained” by Lee Alban

Best Use of Color and Light: “Forged” by Krystal Brown


Awards of Excellence

“Morning Swim” by Carol Devereaux

“Mon Amour” by Lan Du

“Blanc Delicats” by Pamela Newell

“Mr. Patrick Dimoh” by Jian Wu

“Brandywine Dairy Barn” by Mark Farina

“Ocean Surge” by Matthew Cutter

“A Place to Enter” by D. K. Palecek

“Back to Black” by William Schneider


Awards of Merit

“Yellow Petites and Apples” by Patricia Tribastone

“Pacific Sunrise” by Jason Sacran

“Shrimpers of Estero Pass” by Craig Reynolds

“Hurricane Cliffs” by Jan Delipsey

“Red Lotus" by Katie Liddiard

“Cognac Bridge” by Joseph Palmerio

“The Old Beach Cottage” by Del-Bourree Bach

“West Sirius Sea Drill” by R. Gregory Summers



Brian Sindler

Best Still Life

Linda Massey

Best Realism

Jose Pardo


Rick Delanty

Best by a Signature

Priya Ahlawat


Trent Gudmundsen


Adam Clague

Best Technique
and Handling

Debra Joyce Dawson

Best Use
of Values

Edward Duff


Lee Alban


Alan Larkin

Best Use of
Color and Light

Krystal Brown

Congratulations to All Award Winners !

*Awards are also noted below each of the winning paintings.

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